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Music & Yoga

Class Times

"Yoga" from Sanskrit root "Yuj"

- "to join" or "to unite"


The Classes

Every Body welcome

I would say the classes I offer are simply ‘yoga’, but if you want a wordier answer then perhaps a ‘gentle vinyasa flow’ that is deeply rooted in the breath. The classes usually incorporate meditation, chanting and breath work. I would hope that the class feels kindly challenging and I encourage you to be your own master and choose that which you need today.

If you have ever felt like you don't quite belong in mainstream Yoga classes (for any reason - neuro-divergence, inflexibility, body type...) then this class might be for you. I love to teach people who think they aren't Yogis.

I am honoured to walk this path with you as we take an internal step with an open heart, a gentle curiosity and grounded feet.


Personal Profile

I have had a personal yoga practice for around a decade and went on to deepen and share the practice through undertaking my formal yoga teacher training in 2021.

The training follows the lineage from Pantanjali and the Yoga Sutras and I hope to bring this line of teachers with me as we practice together. It is my belief that the student holds the answers (and perhaps more importantly – the questions!) within themselves and I am just a guide.

I hold a deep reverence for the Yogic teachings and I believe in embracing Yoga's routes and all eight limbs of the practice. Yoga is, after all, so much more than an excercise class. The good news is that means we come as we are - wobbles, demons and sweaty armpits alike.

The hardest part is showing up, the rest is just practice.

See you on the mat!

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