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Personal Profile

I am a musician and yoga teacher. I split my time between performing, learning and teaching. I find my two fields of work to regularly feed one another and inform the other. 

I studied trumpet and harp at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama during which time I deepened my personal yoga practice.

In 2021, I undertook my initial Yoga Teacher Training with Sunshine Yoga, a beautiful yoga school based in my home town of Edinburgh. 

The training follows the lineage from Pantanjali and the Yoga Sutras and I hope to

bring this line of teachers with me as we practice together. It is my belief that the student

holds the answers (and perhaps more importantly – the questions!) within themselves and I

am just a guide.

Now living and working in London, I teach Yoga classes online. Sometimes I am asked what 'kind' of yoga I teach - I would say the classes I offer are simply ‘yoga’. To me this means that I aim to respect Yoga's roots in my teaching and offer accessible, fun and helpful classes curated for you. They are for everyone, particularly those with creative practices and those who have felt ostricised from Yoga in the past. 

I am honoured to walk this path with you as we take an internal step with an open heart, a

gentle curiosity and grounded feet.




See you on the mat!

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